Clean Master (Group) is professional and expert in leather restoration & repair; We provide deep cleaning, color restoration, color change, repair, modification, shininess restre and other refurbishment services. The methodologies, technologies, raw materials, product formulas are originated from Japan, since 1919.
Our service focus on world-wide luxury items; designer handbags, wallets, shoes, boots, jackets, briefcase, leather jackets, yacht sofa, private jet‘s seats and leather products.

In 2010, we establish our APEC (Asia Pacific) Training Centre in Hong Kong aiming to cultivate more talents; transfer of our unique knowledge know how to people who are interested in this business and provide fully operational support for our Clean Master shops.
The reputation of Clean Master from repairing multinational brands’ leather goods had attracted multiple brands’ attention and were invited to share the technical skills in seminars. In addition, we share our technique with the local leather repairing company when they encounter problem in order to promote industrial advance.

On the other hand, we assist local leather repair Company transform by providing support in technique, operations, imaging, etc, proactively improve industrial quality. We have recently been awarded the “Hong Kong Most Professional Handbags and Leather Goods Refurbish and Repair Award” and “No. 1-Pick for Luxurious Leather Good Refurbish and Repair Boutique” as recognition from the media and industry.
Among all leather care and repair materials, those imported from Japan is of highest quality followed by EU countries. Clean Master has insisted to use Japanese leather care material as the base with further modification. The effect, durability, luster, brilliant, and appearance produced by Japanese material are the best and other materials are not comparable to them. Our motto is to insist in quality and attentively repair the customers’ delicate and beloved goods.
Clean Master promises for the safety of customers good and the cleanliness of the boutique. Each handbag are double packed, numbered and labeled, then stored according to the category, which is more efficient and professional than the traditional practice of stacking goods over the store.

Originated from Japan, Clean Master uses the authentic Japanese leather refurbish and repair techniques. And our technical team can handle challenges such as wear of leather surface of handbags, oxidation, mold, stain, zipper and lining damage, and loosening of accessories.
Clean Master gets hold on the latest trend information, and has in depth knowledge about worldwide brands. All staffs and technicians are familiarized with the brands model, design, structure, material, and background.

When an associate receive the customers’ handbag, he/she are able to point out the common problems of it and suggest the best repair method. Each technician Master handle large amount of luxurious handbags each day and know the branded hot item bags’ details by heart, HERMES,CHANEL,BALENCIAGA,BOTTEGA VENETA,PRADA,MIU MIU,GIVENCHY, etc, thus provide efficient and effective service.
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